Stay Golf Ready is a player development program aimed at long-term consistent lesson planning. While both Golf Professionals and Customers often times see positive results during the lesson itself, they rarely see those results “stick”.  Player Development programs like Stay Golf Ready ensure that both the Golf Professionals and Customer meets routinely to not only develop sounds fundamentals in the golf swing, but to retain those fundamentals and see real results. The goal in this program is to see IMPROVED SCORES AND LOWER HANDICAP INDEXES over the course of one year. Stay Golf Ready Programming will be individual lessons and include video and technology aids. Lessons will last approximately one hour.

6 Lesson Package – $210.00

(recommended monthly for 6 months)

12 Lesson Package – $360.00

(recommended bi-weekly for 6 months)

Contact Head PGA Golf Professional Brad Sexson at 620-221-5645 to schedule your first lesson!